Robotic Pool Cleaners

What is a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Robotic pool cleaners are independant pool cleaning machines designed to clean your pool from top to bottom.  Removing dirt and debris while scrubbing your pool floor, walls and steps.  Being independant of your filtration system means reduced stress on expensive pumps and filters while allowing you to save money on pump runs times and speed settings.  Robotic pool cleaners can be left in the pool on a weekly cycle or removed from the pool after use, leaving your pool clear of hoses and cords.  As a robotic pool cleaner will clean most pools thoroughly within three hours they are ideally suited to weekly or fortnightly use.

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What are the Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners?

  • Independant from filtration system reduces equipment wear and tear 
  • Extremely low running costs
  • No other cleaning system will clean as thoroughly as a robotic pool cleaner
  • Remote control versions available
  • Fine mesh filter bags actually filter the water as they clean, meaning your pool is looking great and ready for use
  • When paired with energy saving pumps, robotic pool cleaners can help reduce electricity consumption by over 75%