There are 3 different types of filters commonly available for pools and spas in Australia. Each filter has its own pros and cons and are suited to different scenarios.  Sydney's Best Pool Service can service, repair or replace all filter types.  We use and recommend AstralPool filters. 

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Sand or Multi Media Filters are the most common filter found on pools around Sydney and can be identified by the large media tank and multi port valve attahed on top or beside the tank.  They are easy to use, reliable and require minimal maintenance.  These filters consist of a large vessel which used to be filled with silica sand however lately glass media has proven to be a more popular choice.  Water is forced through the sand bed and passes out the return clean.  The debris trapped within the media can then easily be backwashed out monthly.  Media filters last between 10 and 30 years and require a media change every 10 to 15 years.

Cartridge filters consist of a cylindrical filter body and have no multi port valve.  These filters contain between 1 and 6 fabric filter elements which periodically need to be removed and washed out.  Cartridge filters are suited to pools where space is restricted and a sand filter cannot fit or pool plant rooms where a waste line cannot be located.  Whilst these filters are good and reliable they require more labour intensive maintenance than a media filter.  


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