Blue Connect


Blue Connect

Meet blue connect.

The smart pool analyser that analyses your pool 24/7


Automatically senses and analyses your pool’s:


  • Water Temperature
  • pH Levels
  • Disinfectant Levels (ORP)
  • Water Conductivity
  • Salt Levels
  • Chemicals Needed 


A high tech four-in-one sensor

Any type of pool

An easy and enjoyable experience




The solution to analyse and enjoy your pool!

Blue Connect, the smart pool analyser, is a device that combines a water quality sensor and smart algorithms which mixes water, weather and user data. Blue Connect combined with the smartphone app will help you analyse your pool 24/7, even if you are away. No more uncertainty about what is happening in your pool.

  • Cutting edge Blue Connect microchip
    Intelligent algorithms analyse your pool water 
  • Elegant and smart design
    253mm x 96mm, 711g
  • All-in-one Blue Connect sensor
    From pH levels to water conductivity


Innovative smart sensor

From your pool’s pH levels to the water conductivity, Blue Connect accurately measures and analyses everything you need to know about your pool and shares this information right back with you.


No more water testing worries

Blue Connect is always on and continuously measuring the key parameters of your pool with precision. Now you can easily view and analyse the results on your phone with the Blue Connect app.


Step-by-step Easy Assistant

It’s never been simpler to keep your pool healthy and to keep your family safe. If Blue Connect detects that something is not looking right with your pool water, it will simply send push notifications to your phone, informing you how to balance out your pool in easy, straight forward steps!


3 minute install Inside or Outside

Blue Connect works with all types of pools and its installation takes only 3 minutes. Adapted to your needs it can either float in the pool or be fixed in the technical room thanks to the Blue Fit50 accessory.


Always connected

Blue Connect links to the cloud straight out of the box via Sigfox wireless transmission. It can just as easily connect to your phone via local Bluetooth. An optional WiFi connection is also available with Blue Extender.


Blue connect

Monitor your pool 24/7, wherever you are with the connected pool water analyser and the free Blue Connect app.

  • Blue App
    The Smart pool analyser with Blue Connect app
  • Platinum Probe
    Includes the Platinum standard measurement probe
  • All-in-One Sensor
    Blue Connect accurately measures and analyses your pool
  • Step by step Assistant
    Follow the step-by-step guide and save time and money

Blue Connect is for all pool types (chlorine or bromine) where the device will be placed freely in the pool.



Visit the Blue Connect Product Page



Click here to download the Blue Connect Brochure



Blue connect plus

In addition to all the Blue Connect features, Blue Connect Plus gives access to a powerful web platform that allows your local pool professional to monitor the pool remotely, for the ultimate peace of mind.

  • Blue Plus App
    More advanced features: 20 daily measurements, view history and multiple users
  • Gold Probe
    Includes the Gold Premium Measurement Probe
  • Blue Fit50
    Tapping saddle to install Blue Connect in the technical room
  • Virtual Pool Care
    Web platform for pool professionals to remotely monitor your swimming pool

The Blue Connect Plus is for all salt pool types where the device is likely to be installed in the technical room using the included Tapping Saddle Adaptor, Blue Fit50.



Visit the Blue Connect Plus Product Page



Blue Fit50

Float in your pool or install in the equipment room with the optional BLUE Fit50 attachment.


Blue Extender

No Sigfox network? Blue connect also communicates with your home Wi-Fi.




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