Backyard Renovation and Pool Painting

This pool is over 30 years old and needed a freshen up.  Options for renovation include painting or major renovation such as applying pebblecrete or a rendered surface such as quartzon.  Whilst pebblecrete and rederred surfaces are longer lasting, the price can be preventative.  In this case we decided to go with paint.

Marblesheen pool old baulkham hills 

The pool is drained and cleaned before blemishes such as rust are removed and patched.  The surrounding garden is being prepared for renewal. 

  marble sheen pool drained 

The pool has now been patched and is ready for paint.  The garden has been levelled and turfed by Adam from Sydney Landscapes.

  marble sheen pool  

With the first cost of paint applied, this old pool is again starting to shine. 

 painted pool white

The pool has been filled and balanced and is ready to use

 baulkham hills pool


painted pool sydney

 Landscape work by

Pool repairs and painting by Hills Pool Painting and Renovations