SR Smith Helix Water Slide Installation

 After the renovations of this pool were completed we knew something was missing.  The final piece of the puzzle was the SR Smith Helix water slide. 

sr smith helix slide box sbps

The SR Smith Helix slide arrives on a double pallet and removing them from the delivery vehicle is a two person job.  Once the cardboard is removed, the slide components can be carried close to thier final install location.  This again is a two person job.


sr smith helix astralpool

We loosely assembled the slide to ensure everything fits and then used the cardboard packaging to draw up a template to help in correctly preparing the concrete slab.

sr smith slide template

The basic outline of the slides base is drawn to guide where to dig the footing.  If a concrete base already exists then this is not necessary, however it again helps when drilling holes to bolt the slide down.  

sr smith slide base 1

We located the pipe for the water flow and set stainless steel mounts into the concrete during construction of the base, rather than drilling after wards.  The use of the template allowed us to avoid any unnecessary interference with the surrounding garden and ensured the bolts we mounted in the correct place.

sr smith sbps slide base


The lower part of the slides staircase is bolted the to footing,  The water supply pipe runs up the provided recess in the slide, we used standard class 12 40mm PVC pipe to run through the concrete, this was then reduced to 25mm to glue onto the provided kit provided with the slide.