Summer is on the way!! Time to get your pool under control.

Over the last few months we have been hard at work coming up with new ways of saving our customers both time and money when maintaining thier pools.  One of the complaints we reguarly hear from our customers is that of the cost to run a swimming pool.  And we agree, when you add electricity consumption, water, chemicals and the sheer time that goes into good pool management it really starts to add up.  However, it need not be so hard or so expensive.  The following are a few simple ideas that could help save you both time and money:

Save on Maintenance

  • Test your water in store reguarly, try not to see the pool shop as a money pit.  We are there to help our customers maintain their pools, not drain their wallets.  However a trip to the pool shop can be expensive, our tips for saving money in store are easy!  
  • Try and buy in bulk, the smaller the pack the more you are paying per kilogram
  • Take advatage of summer saver packs and special deals when they are on
  • Talk to our staff if you think your pool is money hungry, we are there to help and there may be an easy solution!

Save on Repairs

  • We often recieve calls from our customers when equipment fails, and often equipment fails just when it hurts the most.  The day before christmas or the big annual pool party are prime time for equipment failure.  However when we arrive onsite and discover that the filtration system predates most of our staff, then we are not overly surprised.  Think of your filtration system as you do your car, your car is essential for getting around and as such you maintain and update it accordingly.  Your swimming pools filtration system is the same, it is essential for the efficient and reliable maintenance of your swimmimg pool and should be serviced and updated reguarly.  We recommend a full system upgrade at least every ten years.

Save on Electricty

  • This is a big one, the cost of electricty alone to run your pool starts at roughly $800 per year.  Thats for a single one horsepower pump running conservatively.  Add a solar pump, a chlorinator, heating or water features and that price can exceed $2500 annually.  There is a solution and its one of the easiest steps you can take.  For some time now it has been possible to upgrade your typical single speed AC pump for a variable speed DC model.  These pumps are up to 80% cheaper to operate resulting in considerable annual savings.  Ask in store today about our Australian made AstralPool pumps.