Green Pool Recovery

The primary cause for a pool to suddenly go green or murky is a lack of chlorine.  If you notice your pool "going off" act quickly to reduce chemical costs associated with the clean up.  

The stages to look out for are as follows:

  • Your pool should ordinarily be crystal clear, when chlorine begins to drop below 1ppm you may start to notice a cloudy or dull appearance when looking at the pool.  This is more noticable at night when using underwater lights.  At this stage the pool will likely require minimal restoration work.
  • Next you pool will begin to turn green.  The green colour is literally caused by millions upon millions of microscopic algae multiplying again and again.  This typically occurs only when conditions are just right, for example no chlorine and warm water are a perfect recipe for an algae bloom.  If caught quickly the process to restore the pool now can be as simple as a shock dose and calrifier, however things will deteriorate quickly.
  • If left unchecked the algae will florish and after as little as a week the pool will be thick with green aglae.  The problem will get proressively worse until the pool will literally need to be drained and washed out, a labour intensive and expensive process.

What to do?

  • Check and maintain your pool reguarly, even in winter!!  This is actually quite important, many people neglect their pools over winter when in fact this is the best time to really get a head start on any issues.  During the Sydney winter the water in your pool will drop to as little as 10 degrees, making it almost impossible for algae to grow, take these cooler months as an opportunity to treat the water and interior surfaces to remove any algae while it is not growing.  Algae such as Blackspot can be extremely stubborn and grows quickly in warm water making winter the best time to remove it from your pool completely.
  • Get your water tested.  Monthly is fine during winter, weekly is recommended in summer.  If you dont have time to get to the shop, buy a simple test kit, or a fully automatic chlorinator which can test for you.
  • Carry out regular phosphate removal treatments.  While there is some debate over the role of phosphate in swimming pools, we do know one thing, the use of products such as LoChlor's Starver X, greately reduces incidents of algae bloom in pools that we maintain.  Our service technicians use this product routinely to ensure all our pools remain clean and clear all summer long.
  • Keep an eye on the weather, if you know a heat wave is on the way increase your filtration system run times to counter any increase in chlorine consumption.
  • Have your pool serviced at least once a year by our professional staff.  We call it a summer start up, we carry out a full equipment service, pool clean and balance.  If we detect any issues we will ensure that they are resolved before the weather warms up.  We recommend a summer start up in September or October.


This pool was handed over to its new owners just a week before the below image was taken.  The owners were shocked, however upon closer inspection we found a faulty pump and underperforming salt water chlorinator.  

Green pool Epping

After replacing the old Hurlcon pump with a new AstralPool P320 eVo we commenced the pool clean up.  On day one we shock treated the pool with liquid chlorine, acid and a Lochlor algaecide.  The pool was then left running long hours for two days before we returned to vacuum any remaining debris from the pool.  You can see the result was spectacular.

clean pool epping