Energy Saving Solutions

A typical non heated back yard swimming pool consumes around $1000 worth of electricity annually and this doesn't include chemical or maintenance costs.  The most power hungry component is the filtration pump.  Luckily there is a simple and effective solution to this probelm and it is the Variable Speed DC pump.

Traditionally a swimming pool pump was between 1 and 2 horsepower, had an AC motor and ran flat out for between 4 and 10 hours per day, depending on the pool and environmental demands.  In recent years Variable Speed DC pump technology has seen running costs slashed by up to 70%.  That's a saving of at least $600 per year!!  AstralPool is leading the way with energy saving solutions for your pool and produces many efficient products right here in Australia.

Tips for Reducing your pools energy demands:

  • Have an SBPS technician carry out an onsite review of your current setup, water flow and other factors can reduce the efficiency of your pool pump
  • Consider upgrading to a Variable Speed DC pool pump
  • Insist on products purpose built in Australia for Australian conditions
  • If heating your pool, a fixed or liquid pool blanket can reduce overnight heat loss
  • Upgrade to a fully automatic salt water chlorination system.  Systems such as the AstralPool Equilibrium chlorinator can test for both chlorine and pH levels, reducing unecessary operation